I have listed some of my clients testimonials for you to read, because I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.

Over the past 20 years, I have tried over a dozen  or two massage therapists for my chronic neck and back pain, some good, some not so good.  I can say without hesitation  that Ken Laymon is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. He is a true professional, takes pride and care in his work by continuing his education and his knowledge of the muscle system and how each muscle group works with the other has been a godsend for me. He got me to the point after many many years, to be able to sit up and keep my head back without extreme pain.   I have referred many people to him and continue to. I would highly recommend Ken Laymon to anyone who needs a good deep tissue massage by a true professional.
Sincerely,Debbie Takahashi

I am a classic "type A" individual. The one that is found multi-tasking, spreading myself thin, and always on the go.  It's no wonder that I get tension headaches that can debilitate me, have neck and back pains and still try to do more.  I visited Ken Laymon to get a massage since I've been in a lot of pain, and even one hour with him has done me a LOT of good.  He is very professional and does his best to accomodate every schedule.  He explains why certain muscles hurt and what my body is trying to tell me.  I've seen him on several occasions thereafter and find that it is always a benefit.
Thank you Ken!  Tami

After many years of professional massage and searching for a great therapist, I can honestly say that Ken is at the top of my list.  His attention to detail and superior knowledge of the muscular structure in the body are of great help to me in every massage that I receive from him. Most massages can offer relaxation, but Ken goes beyond that and his massages are also extremely therapeutic and offer my stressed muscles relief for many days. 
Joan M.

How does Ken's massage help me?  Let me count the ways...  Ken has been instrumental in relieving my neck and back from pain for 5 years now.  I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2003 after a sudden episode of severe pain in my cervical spine that literally immobilized my neck for days.  After receiving physical therapy so I could move, an MRI revealed a spur that was sitting on my spinal column which was causing the pain, in addition to degeneration and arthritis.  Surgery was recommended but I opted for physical therapy management instead because of the location of the degeneration and fear of further complications.  I have had a few massage therapists work on me in my lifetime but found that the techniques that Ken uses to be the most effective and efficient in treating the problem properly and directly, by gently loosening my forever-tight muscles and pinpointing the deeper tissues to the exact spots that need treatment.  Ken really understands my specific problems, always asks questions about what problems I have been having and then really targets those specific areas, as well as the points of initiation which may be located in an entirely different area of my body.  He is very dedicated to his work, is very professional and is always studying new techniques and which keep him updated in his profession.  After every session I have remarkable improvement in my mobility and pain and often comment on how I didn't realize how tight or stiff I was until he started to work on me.  He knows just where the release (or initiation) points of the pain and/or tension are and works very efficiently to solve the problem.  Thanks to Ken's therapy I have been able to continue to play sports I love like volleyball, rowing, swimming and in general being more mobile and have more energy.  But more importantly, I am free from having to take pain medication and if I ever overdue it or get myself out of wack I know where I can go to get moving again.  My quality of live is so much better due to Ken's clinical massage therapy and I wish I could go every week of the year (or more).
Diane Hall

Over the years I have always found Ken Laymon to be a very dedicated professional who has always given me timely and informative treatment whether it was from radical sport injury to my knees or just joint and lower back pain.   Ken is my "answer man" when it comes to body mechanics; he is a credit to his industry and a tireless servant to his passion to help others.
Appreciative client, Flip Rondares

 I have been going to Ken for about 10 years now. I don't think I have ever had a better massage.   It's nice to be able to go to someone who knows all of your places of pain and you know you are going to get a great massage.  While I was pregnant, I continued to get massages from Ken on a biweekly basis.  Being pregnant and getting massages can be a very touchy situation for some.  Under Ken's care, I did not have concerns.  I was offered massages as a gift during my pregnancy, but only felt comfortable with Ken.   Ken truly cares for all of his clients and does what he can to relieve their stress and get them out of pain. I recently received a gift for a massage at Burke Williams.  I would rather get my massages from Ken.  There is no comparison.  You get a much better massage for a greater value with Ken.  
Emily Barre

Ken is a skilled and knowledgeable neuromuscular therapist.  I have co-treated clients with him for 5 years and appreciate both his professionalism and results.  His continual pursuit of information is admirable.  Ken is kind, fair, practical and is dedicated to his many loyal clients.  I hope to continue this working partnership for many years. 
With respect, Jacquie Maroun, PT

I have been diagnosed with immune and neurological ailments that cause chronic body-wide pain, and affect muscle strength and movement. Ken Laymon's deep tissue neuromuscular message and stretching techniques reduce the pain, improve muscle use and range of motion to keep me active and enable me to work and enjoy life with family and friends. I highly recommend Ken Laymon.
Jamie,Rancho Santa Margarita

As a Registered Nurse who has many different professional massages before I found Mr. Ken Laymon truly exceptional in that he knew so much about the actual body anatomy and key points on how to massage effectively to relieve my pain, enhance my health to its optimal level, etc. I was also inspired by his quest for continual learning. After my car crash I did need him as my back was injured but thanks to his expertise help I no longer need therapy as he helped me and I am done and back to more of my normal self. 
Jennifer Baron

I think the best thing about the massage is that it loosens my muscles so that it relieves pressure on my joints.  I used it mostly for my knees but I can often get "knots" in my back that can't be rolled out with the foam roller, so having Ken work on my back helps a lot.  If I am experiencing back pain I have a hard time sitting or standing so it is vital that I get attention.  I also find massage very relaxing and Ken has such a great attitude that I love going to see him each week. He really has a passion for what he does and he not only helped me physically, but also helped me realize I needed to pursue my passion.  I think an attitude like Ken's is very important in his business since he is working with people every day and I am sure that is why he is successful.
~Jen Cogglin

Ken Laymon has been treating me for about 2 years and is very good at relieving muscle tightness, pain, and discomfort. His unique technique is very effective and relaxing. He knows just the right amount of pressure to give and is receptive to his clients bodies and needs. I highly recommend his massage services for anyone who is suffering from muscle pain/tension, or anyone who just needs a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 
-Jessica Chico

I have been a client of Ken Laymon’s for almost 10 years now and I would highly recommend his massage services. I have a chronic condition called fibromyalgia and his massage therapy is one of the tools I use to manage the disease. He is very knowledgeable about neuromuscular work and always continues to study and take classes on various subjects. During the time I have known him his techniques have grown and advanced immensely to where he has become one of the top people in this field. Whether you have a problem area, an injury, or are just looking for a great massage I would highly recommend Ken!
Jo Ann

Dear Ken,   Thank you for always being there to get me through those aches and pains that I have had over the years.  Your knowledge of all the muscles and how they connect to the ligaments is what sets you apart from all the other massage therapists.  It amazes me how your hands are so perceptive to a tight area which is causing the stress and then you are able to relieve it.  I will definitely book an appointment to keep this old body running smoothly. 
kind regards,  ~Lenni Curl

In April of 2000 I was thrown from a horse which resulted in a torn off rotary cuff, torn off deltoid muscle and torn supraspinatus which resulted in a permanent disability. When I started going to Ken Laymon in 2005 my injuries had pulled my shoulders way up and towards the right and I was in a great deal of pain most of the time in my shoulder and neck. My hips and body were thrown out of alignment.  Ken through massage and postural analysis was able to literally untangle me and realigning my whole body. His medically therapeutic massages were much more effective than massages I had received previously because Ken is very well educated on the skeletal and muscular systems of our bodies and how to heal the body. Since going to Ken, I have recovered 90% when I was told the best I could hope for was 85%. I am excited to be starting his newest program, Egoscue Postural Analysis Specialist, which will help me keep my spine aligned, keeping my body in balance which means less pain and getting back a possible 95% usage of my injured right arm. YES, I am right handed! It is fortunate for me to have found someone with Ken's ability, education and expertise. He has helped me get my normal life back. I would highly recommend Ken Laymon for pain relief and a comprehensive program back to health. 
Sincerely, Margaret Morse, Water Safety Instructor certified by the Red Cross of America

I would highly recommend Ken Laymon as an excellent message therapist.  He has helped to correct many muscular strains and aches especially caused by overuse injuries like running a half marathon.
As a personal trainer and pilates instructor, he has helped several of my clients to be relieved from tight muscles, injured joints, back aches, etc.He is very knowledgeable in his field and is consistently participating in new seminars and clinics.
Marian O'Neal   Lifelong Fitness and Wellness, LLC

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to tell you of my personal experience with Ken Laymon, NMT. We met at Advantage Physical Therapy Clinic, he was the massage therapist and I was his patient. We have known each other in this type of relationship for over a year now. His calm manner and smile put me at ease immediately. Mr. Laymon has always been very professional in his manner and his dress.   Within minutes I knew I could trust Mr. Laymon to treat my injury properly; it was apparent that he had experience and knowledge of my problem. As a Registered Nurse for over twenty five years it was apparent to me that Mr. Laymon was comfortable and very capable of taking on the challenges that my injury would present. The injury that I have had for eight years is one that does not respond well to treatment.  I can honestly say that Mr. Laymon in his treatment of my problem, is one of the best massage therapists if not the best I have experienced. His treatment has never caused me any further pain or problems.  It is apparent that he has a true love of the field of massage. As long as I have known him he has been taking classes to learn different techniques and treatments to help his patients.   I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Laymon to any person needing massage therapy.  Mr. Laymon is a man of character, serious about his studies and it is apparent he loves his work. I have the highest level of confidence in Mr. Laymon and I would not hesitateto have any of my family seek care from him. 
Sincerely,  Martha Wells Hermocillo R.N., B.S.H.S.

After six years of therapy, massages, acupuncture and other type of treatments I feel that I have finally found someone who really cares about the well being and improvement of their clients.  Ken Laymon is a very professional individual.  Ken focuses on the clients health needs and he gives 110% in finding the best treatment possible.  He explains to the patient how the muscles, tendons and nerves work, he gives you printed information and he uses all the tools available to him to help his clients heal and feel better and faster. My right shoulder froze up, my arm was swollen and the pain was unbearable.  Thanks to Ken's dedication and hard work I can sleep better and have regained  shoulder mobility. I have and will continue to recomend Ken's services to family, friends and anyone who needs a massage therapist. 
Sincerely, Martha Orozco

We would like to take this opportunity to write a testimonial about Ken Laymon's massage therapy technique. My husband was having severe pain in his shoulder from a tennis injury. He researched trigger point massage therapy and was lucky enough to find Ken. He started seeing Ken twice per week and after 3 weeks the pain was gone and he was back to playing tennis again. I have used Ken twice to treat neck and back pain.The first time was after the birth of my second son. I was experiencing neck and back pain from leaning over to nurse my baby. Ken used his therapy to treat me and alleviated my pain after 2 sessions. The second time that I used Ken was when I slept wrong and experienced horrible pain in my neck and shoulder. He made a house call,and after a 1 1/2 hour session I was able to move my neck again without excruciating pain.  We can't say enough positive things about Ken's massage therapy services. We are grateful to have found him and we continue to share his number with our friends that need his services.
Michelle & Oliver Nikpour 

Gifted, Knowledgeable, Thorough, Intuitive, Healing.  I was a trauma head/neck patient several years ago resulting in 4 levels of bone fusions with subsequent chronic pain.  After experimenting with different forms of pain management (acupuncture, physical therapy, massage), I was referred to Ken.  He works with me to find just the right technique and pressure to meet my needs. Ken is a gifted professional who has taught me what’s going on with my muscles & joints and to identify habits, especially postural, that lead to me pain and knots.  He continues to learn new massage techniques making him even more expert in his profession & results. Ken truly stands apart in his profession, and I am so grateful to have found him. 
Pam Schenk

I have bulging discs that cause extreme pain in my legs; mostly on my left side.  My goal is to manage the pain without having surgery.  I was referred to Ken Laymon as the 'best in the business'... and found this to be true.  I have had a few massages in my life and believe that there could not be anyone more dedicated.  I try to see him on a weekly basis to work on areas of concern.  His deep tissue therapy is incredible and he knows just where I need help.  When one thing doesn't do the trick for me, he tries something else.  He is extremely patient and listens.  My posture is not always the best and he has worked to get me in alignment.  He prepared personalized exercises and different techniques that I can work on at home.  I am able to live a little and look forward to the day that I can come in and get a relaxation massage!  I have referred my family members and friends with great confidence who all agree with me; there is no one like Ken!
Pam       Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I have had the good fortune of being a client of Ken Laymon’s for about three years.  I was given a referral from my chiropractor who knew Ken’s work and felt that I could benefit from it.  Ken’s knowledge and skill as a neuromuscular massage therapist has been a very important part of my on-going efforts to rid myself of chronic neck and back pain and to become a healthier person. Ken’s treatment room is very comfortable and relaxing and he makes every effort to understand what therapeutic work his clients need.  He is also very attuned to client’s pain tolerance to make sure his massage work is not uncomfortable to his clients.  He is always responsive to working on the areas that I identify as painful but he also uses his tremendous knowledge and experience to identify the source of the problem and then helps me to be more aware of my posture, bad habits (such as sitting too long at the computer without stretching) and how to learn new strategies for relaxing, avoiding stress and keeping my body free of injury. Ken is always looking for opportunities to further his education and training and his clients are the true beneficiaries of these efforts.  I have recommended Ken to many friends and acquaintances and I look forward to learning from Ken for many years to come.
Pam Vickery  Dana Point, CA

Suffering from Fibromyalgia for over 10  years, and having therapeutic massage from several different massage therapist, I can attest that Ken Laymon is an exceptional and talented massage therapist.  For the last five years Ken, has been my therapist. His ability to listen and pay attention to my needs, and his skill and knowledge in customizing his plan for each pressing area of the day, has always amazes me. Without any exaggeration, I think he is the BEST. Thank you, Ken. Best wishes-Parvin Kay

I appreciate Ken so much.  I always come in to see Ken,  when I just can't take the pain anymore.  And he always fixes me up to brand new.  He is extremely knowledgeable and I consider him to be an expert in his field.
Thanks, Tricia Rowe 

I have been going to Ken for a monthly massage for the past three years.  The experience often leads to my most enjoyable day each month.  Ken has great technique and is well-educated on the human body and how everything works together.  I recently made the mistake of going to a spa for a massage, only to leave in worse condition than I went in.  I needed see Ken to fix this feeling shortly thereafter.  I will undoubtedly seek Ken for future massages.

Over the years, I’ve been to a lot of massage therapists, but Ken is the best!  For years, not knowing that I have spinal stenosis, from time to time I would experience tremendous pain from the hips down.  When I couldn’t take the pain any longer, I would call Ken and after just a few massage treatments, I could actually walk without pain.  
Prior to Ken, I have gone to massage therapists only to feel the pain worst afterward and it would take two to three days of icing the area for the pain to dissipate to the point where I could sleep at night.  On the other hand, Ken would relieve the tightness of all the muscles groups (front and back) and I would feel immediate relief.
Since my last visit with Ken, I have received a diagnosis of spinal stenosis and I had surgery to replace C3, C4, and C5 which were compressing my spinal column.  Still remaining is stenosis in L5, L6, and S1.  Currently I am going to physical therapy for the Cervical and Lumbar areas prescribed by my doctor.
I would return to Ken for massage therapy in a heart beat!  Over the years, I’ve been to a lot of massage therapists, but Ken is the best!

Ken’s therapy is like no other massage that you may have had.  Ken can give you massage at the “spa” level or at a real therapeutic level for relief and recovery from injury.  If you need relaxation or recovery from injury Ken is the right guy.  Ken works on my shoulders and at 56 years old, and after 3 surgeries, I am still able to Windsurf in real windy conditions.  I recently was able to enjoy a day with 25-30+ knots of wind right here in San Clemente.  Ken has helped me recover from a quadriceps injury so I can ski this upcoming weekend at Mammoth. 
Richard Blum

I have tried just about everything to help with my back pain.  When I first moved to Orange County a friend told me about Ken Laymon and what he did.  At the time, I was in some of the worst pain I had ever experienced in my lower back that would not subside.  When I went to see Ken, for the first time, I knew what he did was different in the best possible way.  He was able to get me out of pain.  Ken's massage is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I don't have to go looking anymore.  When I'm in pain or just want to really relax, there's no question about what to do.  I have a solution.  I call Ken.  His hands are magic! 

Ken has been keeping me limber for the last 2 years.  I have had 6 back surgeries and have severe problems with muscle cramping and walking.  He has the best "hands" in town....and he shares his knowledge with you.  I am constantly impressed by how thorough he is and how well he understands the skeletal structure.  I have been having full body massages with the emphasis on my back and legs for 30 years and he is by far the best.  I don't know what I would do without him.
Tish Patterson

I generally don't make time to do things for myself.  That's why when I do get a massage, it needs to be worth my while.  Ken's massages help me relieve stress and pain in troubled areas.  I have recommended several of my friends to Ken.  Ken offers a excellent service at a great price.  
Tracy Barre

I was completely frustrated by my chronic neck problem when I first went to see Ken. My quality of life at home was poor because of constant pain. I was also worried that I would not be able to continue working for seven more years to retirement.After Ken's first massage, I noticed a big difference. Now I am amazed at how good I feel. With a massage every couple of weeks I have my chronic neck problem under control and feel confident my quality of life will remain high. Thanks Ken!
Dave McCann